Centre For Human Security & Peacebuilding

The Jatikay Centre for Human Security and Peacebuilding is a Ghana-based Non-Governmental Organization that advocates human security to be upheld as a comprehensive framework to addressing widespread and cross-cutting security threats in Ghana. We aim to address, and to formulate solutions to, current and emerging threats to human security. The Jatikay Centre aims to promote and help create a Ghanaian society in which individuals and communities are able to live free from fear, free from want and free
from indignity. Consequently, we promote the concept of human security as a tool to facilitate better understanding of the complexity and interrelatedness of threats and as a central pillar of Ghana’s domestic and foreign policy. Jatikay Centre aims:
• To educate the public about the concept of human security and the various threats to human security around the world.
• To contribute to the collective knowledge and advance the understanding of the concept of human security.
• To encourage government to adopt the human security approach as the basis for foreign, defense, security and development policies.
• To exhort government to take pro-active steps in confronting domestic human security challenges through appropriate frameworks.
• To equip policy-makers and key stakeholders with the research, analysis and advisory support necessary to devise informed, evidence-based policies that tackle human insecurities.
• To explore ways in which governmental, inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations can work with individuals and communities to address the critical and pervasive challenges that threaten their survival, livelihood and dignity.
• To engage with key stakeholders and the general public in strengthening the political will to act upon human security issues.